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Water therapy or hydrotherapy is the use of water to obtain relief from pain and to promote physical well-being. The water recommended for hydrotherapy might be hot, cold, icy, or in the form of steam. Outdoor hot tubs provide the perfect environment for hydrotherapy since they typically have an area for hot water combined with jets to massage. Water therapy provides relief for a wide range of conditions, from daily aches and pains to physical therapy treatment for a serious injury or illness.

Conditions Relieved by Hydrotherapy

It’s remarkable, the number of physical discomforts that can be relieved using hydrotherapy. Symptoms soothed by hydrotherapy in hot or cold water include tension, inflammation or soreness of joints and muscles, respiratory problems, headaches, labor pains, burns, frostbite, and injured limbs in the process of being rehabilitated. Critical care units have used hydrotherapy to treat disorders of the nervous system and various other serious conditions since the late 1990s.

Cold water hydrotherapy is often prescribed to reduce inflammation. Hot water has relaxing properties, and it is believed to strengthen the immune system. Alternating between hot and cold water gives the immune system a boost and can stimulate the circulatory system. Essential oils can also be added to hot water so that when the steam is inhaled, it provides respiratory relief.

Hot Tubs and Hydrotherapy

Some hot tubs have more therapeutic benefit than others. If hydrotherapy is the purpose of shopping for an outdoor hot tub, here are some primary features to pay close attention to: jets, fit, and adaptability.


Placement and design of jets matter the most, as opposed to the overall number of jets in a particular hot tub. It’s preferable to have a variety of jet types so that different areas of the body can be targeted for tension relief. It’s important to choose a spa with strategically coordinated jets, adapted to the seating. A powerful pump is needed to sufficiently move water through the jets, as well.


The hot tub you buy must be a comfortable and a supportive fit for you, with hydro jets aligned to target areas in need of relief.


When choosing an outdoor hot tub, choose a customized experience to effectively meet your needs. If there is a comprehensive control panel, you will be able to adjust the intensity and flow of jets, the temperature of the water, and ambiance, which might include lights and music features.

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