The 5 Best Lights to Add to Your Outdoor Hot Tub

Sundance Spas hot tub installed in a backyard.

What could be better than settling into the heated waters of your spa in the quiet evening?

If you want to light up your outdoor space so you can enjoy your evening dips to the fullest, read on for some creative ways to do just that.

1. Embedded Deck Lights

If your hot tub sits on your deck, one of the best ways to add ambience to your spa space is with embedded lights. A decked area can go from so-so to stunning simply by embedding lights into its timbers.

Setting lights into timber panelling can be done in a variety of ways. You can install lights in steps, around the perimeter, around built-in benches or other seating or along a railing.

By using low-energy LED lights, you’ll save on your electricity bill but still have a deck that looks amazing.

2. Fairy Lights

Also known as twinkle lights, this form of lighting is both economical and easy to install. Choosing this type of lighting gives you a ton of options from highlighting a pergola or gazebo to hanging them from your deck to decorating specific trees.

You can even decorate your entire patio area by taking them high and stretching them across the entire expanse hooked to trees or a structure. You can play with different designs from straight lines to soft loops to a zig zag or crosshatch pattern.

No matter which way you choose to use them, fairy lights will lend a bit of magic to your outdoor living space.

3. Hanging Lanterns

If you’re not into DIY projects and are looking for a quick and easy way to bring some drama to your outdoor space, hanging lanterns are a great option. If you choose lanterns powered by batteries, you don’t need to worry about wiring — or calling an electrician to install them for you.

You can simply hang your LED lanterns wherever you want some extra light. There are a ton of designs and varieties, making it easy to choose lanterns that match your personal style.

4. Moonlighting

Moonlighting offers a gentle way to highlight individual focal points. Soft bulbs that mimic the moon’s glow are mounted on trees or the roof of a structure to light up your hot tub — but in a soothing and restful way.

If mellow lighting is your goal, then moonlighting is definitely a style worth considering.

5. Path Lighting

Pathway lighting is an ideal way to bring focus to your hot tub. A lit path that leads to your spa not only draws the eye directly to it as a focal point, it acts as a safety feature for those late-night dips.

Installing solar LED lights along both sides of your walkway is one of the easiest ways to achieve this look. This type of lighting usually consists of a decorative bulb-housing unit that’s plunged into the ground with a stake.

The lights are powered by either a solar rechargeable battery or remote solar panel that’s placed in direct sunlight. These work so well that even a shaded path is well lit through the evening hours.

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