11 Great Landscape Ideas To Compliment Your Outdoor Hot Tub

11 Great Landscape Ideas To Compliment Your Outdoor Hot Tub

If you’ve been on the lookout for some hot tub landscaping ideas to elevate your backyard space, you’ve come to the right place! When planning your spa environment, it’s important to consider the space you have to work with and what kind of experience you want to create. 

How you choose to design your space will depend on your aesthetics, values, and style. If you’re someone who lives alone and values your privacy, a smaller hot tub such as the Alicia, may be more appealing, along with some privacy options like a gazebo to maximize the seclusion of your space. 

If you enjoy entertaining and hosting extravagant parties, including a larger spa, like the Aspen in your space, and decorating your yard with exciting, vibrant elements can help enhance your events. 

No matter your lifestyle, the possibilities for your backyard are endless and are a great way to express yourself and create a space you can't wait to come home to at the end of each day!

Designing Your Dream Yard

From carefully selected floral arrangements and gardens to bold rock walls, your hot tub landscaping options are limitless!

Let’s get into some of our favorite backyard elements we’ve seen over the years that can help you create the backyard of your dreams!

Hot Tub Privacy and Seclusion

If you’re looking for a way to keep prying eyes away from your backyard escape, there are things you can add to ensure you can feel comfortable and secure anytime you’re in your space. 

1. A Gazebo 

Gazebos can be a great way to create a barrier on most sides of your hot tub, giving you an enclosed space to make your own. 

They come in various forms and can be as secluded as you’d like. 

Traditionally, gazebos are made of wood, which frequently requires treatment to keep them in their best shape. However, this makes them durable enough to last many years. 

They are also usually fitted with a metal or canvas roof, providing protection from the elements and giving you a way to enjoy your spa rain or shine without contaminating your water!

Including one in your backyard will give you an easy way to customize the privacy of your space and can be a beautiful focal point of your yard. 

2. A Pergola

Pergolas can be a great way to add some elegance to your yard while increasing privacy. 

Many pergolas have open sides, however, you can outfit them with retractable blinds on all sides, giving you a way to block off your spa anytime you use it.

For an even more appealing option, add some flowing curtains to each side, leaving you with a resort-style aesthetic to your backyard. 

3. Stone Walls

Stone walls can also be a great option to increase your backyard's privacy while adding an edgy and bold element. 

You could use smaller stones to build a barrier around your spa or create a recessed hot tub look. 

Additionally, you could use large armor stones to create natural levels in your space and create a more secluded atmosphere. 

4. Lattice or Trellis

This is a great way to add some privacy to your yard while also creating a way to add some natural elements to it. 

Consider adding climbing ivy to your lattice, letting it become a living wall giving you a pop of color and separation from the rest of the open yard. 

If you’re sticking to a budget, or want something that requires less maintenance, consider buying some faux hanging ivy to attach to your trellis. This way, you’ll have an appealing and easy privacy solution for your backyard. 

Backyard Flowers and Greenery

Adding plants to your space can have more effects than simply elevating the appeal of your yard. 

Plants have been shown to support your emotional health, reducing stress and anxiety! When added to your space, they can be powerful tools to support your well-being.

5. Hanging Plants

If you want to add a splash of color to your backyard, consider buying annuals that can hang around your hot tub, off your pergola, or gazebo. 

If you’re choosing to add plants that will sit above your spa, remember that they may drop petals, soil, or leaves into your water. While you can’t avoid the falling petals, you can put a stop to the dirt that’ll drain out when watering them. 

Purchase a solid hanging basket that's closed off at the bottom. This will protect your water and prevent any soil from falling out of it. When using these baskets, be sure not to overfill them with water, or you’ll risk drowning your plants or overflowing the water into your hot tub!

Consider buying artificial plants to add to your hanging baskets for an even easier solution.

6. Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants, making it a great eco-friendly option.

This plant is a great option to increase the privacy of your space while also providing a bold pop of color that will leave guests shocked about this unique addition to your backyard!

Bamboo also offers an easy way to add some additional levels to your backyard because of its ability to be various sizes and easy to trim to the desired height. This will help you add a dynamic element around your hot tub. 

7. Long Grasses or Hedges

This is a popular option for many people. 

Hedges and tall grass help create more privacy while also providing an appealing view while you soak in your hot tub. 

With various options, you’ll want to ensure you choose one that best suits your lifestyle, as some require more rigorous care routines than others, such as watering and trimming. 

8. Functional Plants and Herbs

While plants can add a stunning element of beauty to your space, some also have useful abilities to support your lifestyle even further.

For example, if you’re an amateur herbalist and want to keep the bugs at bay, try planting lavender, catnip, or peppermint. As an added bonus, these items can be combined to create a delicious and soothing tea!

For the aspiring chef, grow marigolds alongside your tomato plants to keep the bugs from nibbling on your plants, or add garlic and basil to your garden to ward off mosquitoes! 

Increase the Ambiance

Most items you include in your space will help create the aesthetic you’re working towards, but to invoke strong emotional responses, including details strictly for adding ambiance can be a powerful addition. 

9. String Lights

How you light your backyard can strongly influence how people feel when they enter your space. It will light up the other elements of your yard while being the first thing people become aware of after dark. 

Hanging up soft fairy lights is a great way to add gentle, romantic lighting to your backyard. 

These lights can be relatively inexpensive, making them suitable for any budget. 

Try getting various sizes or investing in a style with small Edison bulbs for a more sophisticated style. 

These lights can be strung up on your gazebo or pergola if you’ve included one of these in your landscaping design. For a bold look, hang them so they rain down one side, making a waterfall of lights for your backdrop during a relaxing evening soak!

10. Colored LED Lights

Adding some colored lights to your backyard can be for more than simply adding a pop of color. 

Light in various colors can influence your emotions and can support your mental health. This is known as chromotherapy

This can be a great way to set the mood for your space and can be adjusted to match a party atmosphere or enhance a late-night relaxation session. 

Set your lights to orange or yellow if you want to promote higher energy levels and invigorate the senses. 

If you’re settling into the warm, soothing water of your spa to coax yourself into a sleepy state or combat some anxiety, choose hues of blue or green.  

11. Add a Fireplace

Fire can be a powerful way to elevate your space and create a cozy atmosphere year-round.

It’s a great centerpiece to gather around and engage in stimulating conversation, giving you the perfect space to host summer parties that will be memorable for years to come. 

If you aren’t throwing a party but love the natural sound of crackling flames, your fireplace can be a great tool to relax your mind. Simply lean back in your hot tub and get a deep-pressure massage as you unwind while you watch the flame dance and hear the pop of the burning wood.

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