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How To Clean Your Big Green Egg In 4 Simple Steps

Big Green Egg on a picnic table.

Are you obsessed with your Big Green Egg?

If you find yourself choosing recipes solely because you get to use this fun, green grill, chances are you might be in love with your Big Green Egg!

There’s nothing wrong with this, because our experts at Sundance Spas of Jackson Hole are in love with theirs, too! To get the most out of your grill, we highly recommend giving it a good cleaning on a regular basis.

If you’re unsure of how to clean it, keep reading or download the cleaning checklist below to get started.

4 Steps FOR Cleaning Your Big Green Egg

Cleaning the egg doesn’t require much effort. In fact, we find it’s easier than some of the more complex recipes we have tried. Not to mention it makes those recipes taste better and helps your grill last even longer.

Here are the most important steps to take before and after using your Big Green Egg:

Step 1

Clean your Big Green Egg before use by removing ashes from the ceramic base.

Removing the ashes will help improve temperature regulation and consistency, giving you more control over the preparation and cooking of your meals.

To do this, use the ash tool and/or ash removal pan that came with your Big Green Egg or a similar tool to scrape the ashes out and separate them from any remaining charcoal.

Step 2

A great time to clean your grill is when you’re cleaning up after a meal. Remove any remaining food from the grill itself and the grid.

One of the best ways to remove this leftover food is by heating the Big Green Egg to about 300°C and burning them away, or by using a series of helpful cleaning tools.

Accessories crafted specifically for the Big Green Egg are highly suggested, as they are built just for this product. Some of these cleaning tools include the spiral grid cleaner, grid cleaner, grid scrubber, and/or dual brush grid scrubber.

Step 3

Once your grill and tools have cooled down, use a rag soaked in warm water to wipe the exterior and tools down.

Step 4

Maintain the longevity, durability and quality of your Big Green Egg and cleaning tools by storing them safely.

We recommend covering your grill with a grill cover when not in use and hanging your tools in a shed or storage container. This will also help prevent children or animals from getting curious around your magnificent Big Green Egg.

Get Your Big Green Egg Cleaning Checklist

Keep these instructions on-hand by getting our Big Green Egg Cleaning Checklist! Hang it on the fridge, keep it saved to your mobile device, or hang it in the shed near your grill.

Cleaning Your Big Green Egg

We recommend having everyone who may be operating the grill to review these cleaning instructions.

For more information about cleaning and maintaining your Big Green Egg, watch this video: 

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