Hot Tub Safety Guidelines During COVID-19

Sundance Spas hot tub installed in the ground in a backyard space.

During the COVID-10 pandemic, there are many changes that we have had to implement as a society. While there are many things that we cannot do safely for the foreseeable future, using your hot tub is not one of them.

In fact, continuing to use your outdoor hot tub is not only safe, but it can help to keep you in good health and safely spend time with family.

Here are some guidelines to follow to keep you and your family safe, while still having fun.

Keep it Within Your Family (or Bubble)

COVID-19 has not been shown to spread through water, especially when treated with spa chemicals and the water management system, but it is still in your best interests to only have people in your hot tub that you have been around throughout the pandemic.

Your family and/or your support bubble should be the only ones you are joining, especially in a hot tub.

Coronavirus can be asymptomatic, and the smaller space in a hot tub or spa could make it easy to spread the virus among people who have been exposed. But there’s no reason you and your closest loved ones can’t enjoy your hot tub or spa freely.

Disinfect Regularly

When planning to soak with your family or members of your bubble, there are a few extra precautions you can take that will create a clean environment and help stop the spread of the virus.

If people need to go inside, for example, if guests need to go into the house to use the bathroom, make sure there are extra supplies available for them to wash their hands thoroughly.

You may even think of having single-use supplies such as disinfecting wipes or paper towels for drying hands. Also, keep bottles of hand sanitizer readily available. It is also important to regularly disinfect surfaces that people are touching, such as doorknobs, sink handles, or the toilet.

You should also commit to ensuring that your hot tub is clean and properly treated. Adhere to a strict schedule of testing the water and treating with water care products regularly.

Enjoying Your Hot Tub Safely in Jackson Hole

While it’s best to keep it to yourself and your family in these trying times, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with the tools that are available to you. With some simple preparation and awareness, you can have your family in your hot tub under your outdoor gazebo having a wonderful time with little worry.

If you have further questions, are interested in a hot tub or spa, or need supplies of any sort for your backyard oasis, please just give us a call or visit our safely run showroom at Sundance Spas of Jackson Hole. Our friendly sales team look forward to assisting you!


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