9 Best Hot Tub Accessories Every Spa Owner Should Have

Outdoor hot tub installation on a patio in the spring.

Who doesn’t love accessories? They’re great, especially when you can use them to create the perfect hot tub experience.

Maybe you’d like practical accessories perfect for a family day, for example, or perhaps something a bit more daring and geared towards parties.

Whatever option works best for your needs, there are accessories to fit. Here are some of the most vital – and most fun – hot tub accessories to keep on hand.

Must-Have Hot Tub Accessories


1. Hot Tub Cover

There’s really no denying it - every hot tub needs a hot tub cover. They keep your spa water clean and heated, and they save you money in the process.

You can also purchase cover lifters that make opening and closing your hot tub a breeze. Hot tub cover lifters are designed to conveniently tuck in behind the hot tub and are simple to install. Need we say more?

2. Hot Tub Steps

A must-have for sure, hot tub steps make entering and exiting your hot tub a much more graceful endeavor. They can help to prevent slips and falls, and some even come with towel storage.

3. Cup Holder

Staying hydrated in your hot tub is important and having attachable cup holders makes that much more convenient. You can relax in your tub for hours without worry as long as you have this particularly practical accessory on hand.

4. Spa Pillow

As mentioned above, relaxing in your hot tub can be quite a bit of fun. The design of hot tubs doesn’t always lend itself to comfortable leisure for extended periods of time, however, which is why spa pillows are vital.

5. Towel Warmer

Luxury or must-have? Once you wrap yourself in a warm, cozy towel straight from a towel warmer, we think you’ll agree that it’s a must-have accessory.

Accessories to Get the Party Started

6. Floating Games

Floating games are great for party night and family night alike and they’ll keep you awake in the hot tub, no matter how relaxed you may feel. Card games, ping pong and so much more.

7. Underwater Lighting

There’s relaxing hot tub lighting and then there’s underwater disco lighting that will dazzle your guests and turn any hot tub party into an instant dance-off. We’re not saying that one is necessarily better than the other, of course, but a hot tub dance-off is pretty entertaining.

8. Hot Tub Bar Refreshment Float

This super handy hot tub accessory attaches to the side of your spa so that you don’t have to chase after your sustenance. Note that depending upon the style you pick, you can even store some tasty food on this float along with your drinks.

9. Lighted Floating Speaker

Adding a lighted floating speaker to your hot tub accessories list means you and your guests will be surrounded by floating music and ambiance.

They can connect to most modern spas via Bluetooth technology, and are often rechargeable, too! Even if you don’t opt for the disco underwater lighting, this speaker can make your hot tub a little bit more entertaining.

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