Why Your Hot Tub Absolutely Needs a Quality Cover

Outdoor hot tub with a cover on it.

Getting a hot tub can be one of the best gifts that you get for yourself. The promise of luxurious soaks in the soothing, hot water can be enough to make even the tightest muscles relax. However, many people are surprised to learn that their hot tub needs a high-quality hot tub cover to help protect it. While a hot tub cover may seem like an unnecessary component to your hot tub, they are absolutely essential for a myriad of reasons.

Why Every Backyard Needs a Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg surrounded by flowers and greenery.

Have you heard of the Big Green Egg? This isn’t something you need to hatch or make into an omelet. The Big Green Egg smoker is one of the best smokers on the market today, and it’s certainly something you should consider adding to your own backyard. Here are a few reasons why this grill needs to be your go-to grill for all of your barbeque and grilling needs.

Hot Tub Accessories Every Spa Owner Should Have

Outdoor hot tub installation on a patio in the spring.

Who doesn’t love accessories? They’re great, especially when you can use them to create the perfect hot tub experience. Maybe you’d like practical accessories perfect for a family day, for example, or perhaps something a bit more daring and geared towards parties. Whatever option works best for your needs, there are accessories to fit. Here are some of the most vital – and most fun – hot tub accessories to keep on hand.

Vegetarian BBQ Recipes Under 500 Calories You Need to Try

Vegetarian quesadillas on a plate.

Are you looking for a vegetarian recipe that’s both delicious and easy on the calories? Vegetarians and meat eaters alike, you’ve come to the right place! Not only are these meals extremely satisfying, but they are also simple to make. All you need is some fresh ingredients, some preparation time and a BBQ that is ready to grill!

Outdoor Hot Tub Trends for 2019


Think about all the new technology that has seemingly gripped every product in the marketplace today!  We have cars that run on electricity, cell phones that have all the capabilities of a computer, and even chips that we can put in animals to track their location.  Did anyone see us getting here in 1990?

Hot tubs are no different!  Each year, new technology takes the realm of possibility up a notch.  With cutting edge hot tub accessories and features that will make even the most advanced spa owner do a double take, the future is getting more luxurious by the minute. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Clean Your Big Green Egg in a Few Simple Steps

How to Clean Your Big Green Egg in a Few Simple Steps

Are you obsessed with your Big Green Egg? If you find yourself choosing recipes solely because you get to use this fun, green grill, chances are you might be in love with your Big Green Egg! There’s nothing wrong with this, because our experts at Sundance Spas of Jackson Hole are in love with theirs, too! To get the most out of your grill, we highly recommend giving it a good cleaning on a regular basis. If you’re unsure of how to clean it, keep reading or download the cleaning checklist below to get started.

How to Fall in Love with Your Backyard All Over Again

Beautiful and sunny outdoor hot tub installation.

What is your backyard to you? Is it the place you retreat to at the end of a long day to ease stress and tension? Maybe you’ve transformed it into the ultimate hub for entertainment and recreation? Or perhaps your backyard space offers multiple uses, with different areas geared toward different activities. No matter how you choose to utilize your outdoor property, there are a few things that can be done to give it a modern transformation so that you can fall in love with the space all over again.

Read on to find out how!

Top 5 Healthy & Simple BBQ Recipes You Need to Try

Vegetable skewers on a plate.

Just because a meal is prepared on the BBQ doesn’t mean it needs to be unhealthy! You can grill your way to satisfaction without the added calories. Our experts at Sundance Spas of Jackson Hole have gathered our favorite simple and healthy BBQ recipes that will have you reaching for more! Now, fire up your grill and let’s get cooking!

Top 8 Quick & Simple Outdoor Hot Tub Exercises You Need to Try

Top 8 Quick & Simple Outdoor Hot Tub Exercises You Need to Try

Do you wish that there was a more comfortable and convenient way to exercise? As a proud hot tub owner, the gateway to modern water-based exercise is sitting right in your own backyard. Exercising underwater, especially the hot, jet-driven water of an outdoor hot tub, can offer your body so many wonderful benefits. From reduced joint pain and inflammation, to stress-relief, improved strength and more, hot tub exercise can improve your quality of life in so many ways. We’ve gathered our top eight favorite and most effective exercises for you, so let’s take a look!

How to Relieve Your Sore Muscles with Hydrotherapy

How to Relieve Your Sore Muscles with Hydrotherapy

Do you suffer from aches and pains? If so, you are like many other Americans who suffer from pain-related conditions every single day. From daily aches and pains and arthritis, to fibromyalgia, head injuries, and more, living with these conditions is no walk in the park. Engaging in regular hot tub healing sessions can greatly impact the way that you feel physically and emotionally on a regular basis. This is possible due to a water-based therapeutic technique known as hydrotherapy. Let’s take a closer look at what hydrotherapy is and how it can help you!

8 Proven Reasons a Spa Will Change Your Life Forever

8 Proven Reasons a Spa Will Change Your Life Forever

Are you thinking of buying a hot tub? Well, we don’t blame you! A hot tub can prove to be a valuable addition to just about any home. Of course, they provide you with a peaceful place to relax, but did you know that they offer a ton of other benefits too? Some might even say that the addition of an outdoor spa helped change their lives for the better. Let’s take a closer look at some of these life-changing benefits!


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